Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving And A Bit Of Cornstalk Humor

A little bit of humor for the holiday.
(This part is true)
Yesterday Leaf made an announcement that they are adding something special to their Holiday Bonus Packs for their distributors, they are including a corn stalk relic card that is tied to the “Field of Dreams” field in Iowa. Brian Gray took part in the Team of Dreams softball game in September and decided to create these relic cards for each of the former major leaguers that were in the game’s lineup. The checklist includes Reggie, Bench, Carlton Fisk, Rickey Henderson, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas plus a number of other ex-players and a couple of celebrities. Each card includes a cornstalk relic from the actual field used in the 1989 Field of Dreams movie.



(This part is written in jest)
But as you can see, I created the first “cornstalk” relic card 3 years ago when I designed this Malachai Children of the Corn relic card based on a 1972 Topps card for Thorzul’s Nightmares on Cardboard III contest in October 2010. Now my card was made using a fake corn stalk from a plastic corncob I got at Michaels and eventually fell apart (the glue holding the husk broken away and the husk crumbled) but still… Who do I need to contact to get my check from Leaf?


Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a safe and filling holiday.

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  1. I just picked up a few of those packs in hopes of pulling a cornstalk card. Although... I'd much rather have a Malachai Children of the Corn relic card. That movie scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.

    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.