Monday, November 16, 2009

Is It The End For AI?

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My favorite a-hole, Allen Iverson, has been waived by the Memphis Grizzlies. I never thought that Memphis was a good fit for AI especially considering he would be sitting behind O.J. Mayo and Iverson is not someone who thinks he should ever be a backup.

At this point there does not seem to be much of an option for him, not this early in the season anyway. As the season grinds on and players get injured or later when teams begin clamoring for playoff position there may be a few buyers but AI may need to wait for the phone to ring. Hopefully when the time comes he ends up going somewhere that he can be used to his strengths… scoring points.

I never collected Allen Iverson cards while he was with Philadelphia, I thought he was an ass who could score but when he traded to Denver I started pulling AI cards out of almost every product. I figured it was time to give him a chance. Now I will grab up the occasional AI card when I see something interesting.

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