Sunday, November 8, 2009

Matt Leinart... Does He Have A Future?

Pulling a Matt Leinart 2006 Bowman Chrome RC was nice but when I realized that it was actually an autographed refractor numbered to 75 I thought I had pulled a winner that would definitely appreciate in value. Within a few weeks I was offered as much as $275 but I decided to sit on the card and wait for Leinart to show his talents.

Three years later we see Leinart sitting while the 38-year old Kurt Warner continues to carry the Cardinals to another winning season. This is not how the 26-year old Matt Leinart pictured his career. He was suppose to be the future of the franchise, the face that gets used to advertise season tickets offers and plastered on billboards around the Valley. You have to wonder if he will ever overcome his frat boy image, the guy from USC that likes to party, shirks his parental duties and hangs out with college girls.

It does not help that he only plays in mop up duty, coming in to games when the score is so lopsided that it does not matter how he plays. Today he came in with the Cards up by 20 over the Bears and immediately throws an interception. Leinart is still young but he needs to take control of his destiny.

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