Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Larry Johnson's Timeout

Many Kansas City Chiefs’ fans have taken serious offence to Larry Johnson and his attitude and few have decided to begin an online petition to ask the Chiefs organization and specifically GM Scott Pioli to deactivate Larry Johnson.

Larry Johnson is currently 74 yards from tying Priest Holmes as the All-time Chiefs leading rusher, something that many fans see as blasphemy, and this petition specifically states that as fans they do not wish to see Johnson’s name atop the Ring of Honor with some KC greats like Okoye, Holmes and Derrick Thomas.

There are currently 5810 signatures on the petition and it seems to be gaining steam and with Johnson’s most recent actions, which got him suspended from the team until Nov 8th, I could see this petition gaining a lot of attention. Sad to say though, sports teams are businesses and run on a “for profit” credo. A petition, online or other, will receive little response from the team.

If you are interested in reading up on the petition or to sign it, you can find it here: Deactivate Larry Johnson

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