Friday, January 29, 2010

Warner Retires! Leinart In?

After 12 seasons in the NFL, 3 Super Bowls, 3 NFL MVP Awards, 1 Super Bowl win and 1 Super Bowl MVP Award, the Arizona Cardinals Kurt Warner has decided to hang it up and call it a career. He has proven to be one of the NFL’s “Good Guys” and has always put the team first no matter what the situation. Here come the eBay Trolls.

Warner’s retirement now leaves the Cards wondering what their move is this April at the NFL Draft. The franchise “QB of the Future” Matt Leinart is ready to step in to take over for the departing Warner but he has not been able to prove himself since being drafted in 2006. In 29 career games, Leinart has only thrown for 3,900 yards, 14 TDs and 20 INTs. If Leinart can successfully take the reins of the team and continue to guide them to their winning habits, his cards could potentially return to the 2006 prices.

The Cardinals have a few needs this year including picking up a LB and they could use help on the Offensive Line. So how will the team draft and has this changed since Warner’s announcement?

It is expected that Clausen and Bradford will be off the board by the time the Cardinals draft at #26 most likely leaving the QB situation down to a handful of prospects including Tony Pike and Tim Tebow and I have heard rumor that the Patriots may draft Tebow to plug in to a Wildcat offense. There are a couple of dark horses to look at like Colt McCoy and Jake Locker but these are “project” picks and probably are not going to be seen in the first round.

I still have hope that he will reach his potential.

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