Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will You Be Looking To Pull This?

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Since the Washington Wizards won the NBA Draft Lottery yesterday the talk has now shifted to who the #1 pick will be when the 2010 NBA Draft begins in 35 days. The talk is all surrounding John Wall and Evan Turner, the most likely suspects for the #1 pick.

I am just not a Wizards fan, or a Bullets fan before that. I laughed when they drafted Kwame Brown but if they do indeed take Wall, this draft looks to be different and may help guide the team back in the correct direction.

The question is will Agent 0 return back to his controlling, never share, me first ways or will he become a team player? I hate saying that about a University of Arizona product, I try to like like Arenas but he is arogent and he plays for the Wizards, a double whammy.

I have to say, one of the most humerous predictions that I have seen was from a Wizards fan actually saying that he thinks the Wizards will draft Wall and then sign LeBron James to create a dominent factor in the East.

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