Saturday, September 18, 2010

2011 Topps Baseball

Topps has been very busy the last few days with a number of sneak peak views of upcoming sets. The teaser started the other day with the base card image of the 2011 Topps Pujols card which left many people wondering what was so special about the upcoming 60th Aniversary "Diamond" celebration that Topps announced at the 2010 National in Baltimore.

It seems that many among the collecting community agree that the base set is a solid design, the only criticism appears to be focused on the team logo. Now Topps has released additional previews of the 60th Anniversary Diamond set, including parallels and inserts.

I am not certain of the name of the inserts but you can make a pretty good guess based on the looks, hits and players included.

Albert Pujols Base card

David Wright Silver Parallel (Rumored to be #/2011)

Stephen Strasburg Black Parallel (Rumored to be #/60)

Derek Jeter Diamond parallel (Unknown #/#)

Ichiro Gold Parallel 1/1

Tom Sever Greats Autograph Relic #/50

Babe Ruth Great Relics (Unknown #/#)

Derek Jeter Greats Letter Patch #/20

Miguel Cabrera Greats Autograph (Unknown #/#)

Jackie Robinson 1952 Topps Reprint

Babe Ruth 1914 Baltimore Sun Newspaper Reprint

Roy Halladay Diamond Cut

Rivera/Posada Diamond Duos
Strasburg/Heyward Diamond Duos Relic (#/50)

Ryan Braun Mini (Unknown of how this is connected to the set)

Joe Mauer All-Star Letter Patch 1/1

Josh Hamilton 60th Anniversary Autograph Issue

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