Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Random Blaster Box- The Beginning

I hate to say it but blaster boxes have become a part of the bobby, partially due to pricing and partially due to ease of access. Like many collectors I’ll grab a blaster of a new product so I can get a first hand look before dropping $100 or more on a hobby box. Given the odds are worse then most hobby boxes and often the “guaranteed” hit is a generic relic but to be honest I would rather drop $20 on a box with a cheesy manufactured patch then drop $100+ on a box that gives me 2 jerseys from a third-string offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions and a practice squad player from the Texans or a couple of autographs from rookies that will never play a down.

So on to the topic… I have been picking up blaster boxes when I hit retail stores and tossing them aside with the intent of writing something about the various sets during down time. I now have a stack of blasters, some older/clearance product and some new releases, and my wife has made it clear she wants me to “finish” my project or the kids get to bust the boxes. My plan was to use the boxes in a manor similar to “A Pack A Day” or “A Pack To Be Named Later”. I just want to post images of the various base cards and inserts. No review really, just a basic description of what I found.
Let the experiment begin.

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