Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Blaster Box- 2010 Topps NFL II

This was the second blaster box of 2010 Topps NFL that I picked up and I was not as happy with my pulls with this box. I figured I would cover this blaster after a busy football weekend. I got to watch my Arizona Wildcats drum up the ghost of the old Desert Swarm late in the game and lay a 34-27 win on the Iowa Hawkeyes and now I am watching Peyton Manning show Eli how to run a game.

Among the rookie cards that came from the box, I pulled a Jimmy Clausen rookie, who is one of the rookies I would like to see become succesful in the NFL, and a gold parallel Rob Gronkowski rookie.

I like the 52 Bowman inserts and to pull a couple of rookies like Bryant and Clausen were pretty good pulls in my eyes.

Ryan Matthews has potenatial and of course Aaron Rodgers is proving that Green Bay can forget about that other guy... what's his name?

This card will be making it's way to my brother-in-law, an Eagles fan, as fast as it can. I do not like the Eagles, never have and never will.

I pulled a Gridiron Giveaway code card that netted me a 1992 Topps Emile Harry card. Who is Emile Harry you might ask (at least I did)? Harry was a receiver who played 5 1/2 years in Kansas City and 4 games with the LA Rams. He amassed a total of 150 catches for 2,011 yards in 6 years with the Chiefs and Rams. Will I be taking delivery of this card? That would be a big N-O.


  1. Super. Maybe I can get the card. Can you tell me how I might go about getting this card?

  2. Which card are looking at trading?