Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Upper Deck MLS Review

Tonight was MLS’ First Kick starting off the 2011 MLS season in a typical Seattle, read this as rainy, night on a cold and wet pitch with the LA Galaxy continuing their stranglehold on the Seattle Sounders winning 1-0 in a tough fought game that really could have went either way.

Last week Upper Deck started posting information about the upcoming 2011 MLS release, which should be out in just over a month. Upper Deck has been known to hold information about the MLS release quiet and often not releasing any information until release day. I am unable to find any pricing or even a pre-sell for the product.

Schedule Release Date: April 19, 2011
Box Configuration: 20 packs per box, 12 cards per pack
SRP: Unknown

Box Break:
4 Memorabilia cards
1 Autograph cards

My Thoughts:
Really hard to say what we should expect from this release based on the three cards that I have seen posted. So far only a Henry base card, a Wambach/Marta WPS dual auto and a Donovan relic have been shown. This looks like it was phoned in, the base cards look more Panini in style instead of the expected Upper Deck clean design and the ML Materials relic reminds me of the generic Gameday Gear that show up in blaster boxes. I seriously hope that I am wrong about the set.

They are advertising that this set contains the first card of Thierry Henry but UD released a special edition Henry card last year with him in his Red Bulls kit after his first game, which you could pick up the card if you bought 2 blasters through Upper Deck directly plus he was also in the recent Upper Deck World of Sports release. I guess they mean this is his first card available in MLS packs.

2010 Upper Deck World of Sports

2010 Upper Deck MLS Special Edition

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