Sunday, March 20, 2011

Topps And The Parallel Rodeo

When I picked up the 2011 Topps Baseball blasters the other day I also grabbed a Heritage rack pack. All I have to say is that Heritage is not for me, I am not caught up in the appeal of the set.

I find it funny that there are a number of hypocritical bloggers out there, I will not point any fingers, who will rip one company for doing something and then gush about another company doing the same exact thing. Case in point, some people complain about Panini’s use of parallels. They will write entire posts about how wrong it is to include parallels and how it dilutes the set, creates delusional value and makes it more difficult for set builders but then the next posting will be about how amazing the 2011 Topps baseball set is and how Topps is doing things right. They do neglect to point out that Topps has added more parallels to the base set than Panini ever has, 13 to be exact and this does not include the inserts, insert parallels, retro related inserts, ToppsTown, Diamond Giveaway, relics, autographs and manufactured relics.

2011 Topps base set parallels:

Black Bordered (Retail Exclusive)

Black (#/60)

Diamond Anniversary

Black Diamond (Wrapper Exchange)

Black Diamond Auto (Wrapper Exchange #/60)

Canary Diamond (1/1)

Diamond Sparkle (Gimmick)

Diamond Embedded (Gimmick)

Gold (#/2011)

Platinum (1/1)

Printing Plates (1/1)

Silks (#/50)

Base Variations (Gimmick) - Multiple players sharing the same card number

Come on… is this really necessary?

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  1. Agreed on the parallels, but it's the inserts that really piss me off. Have you opened any packs yet? Half the damn cards are from one insert set or another.