Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is A David Beckham Error Card Worth The Cost?

Last week Beckett reported the sale of a David Beckham autograph error card from the Upper Deck World of Sports series. Apparently Luciano Emilio’s autograph sticker made it on to a David Beckham base card. This card eventually sold for $325 on eBay. Another Beckham card with Luciano’s autograph showed up yesterday with a BIN of $399.99.

Upper Deck reported that the problem occurred due to a difference on the checklist, somewhere between creating the checklist for the base set and the autograph set somebody did not note the difference and the Beckham base cards got the Luciano stickers. Upper Deck has now announced that it was a production error (i.e. - the person applying the sticker either paid no attention or did not care) and they are willing to replace the cards for anyone pulling the error card.

This is just a mistake and Upper Deck is making it right by offering a replacement (not sure if they mean a Beckham card with a Beckham autograph or a Luciano Emilio card with an Emilio autograph on it) but this is the problem with sticker autographs.

I have to ask though, why would anyone pay this much for a card like this? In 5 years will anyone even want this card? How long will it be before people start peeling the autograph stickers of other athletes in the set and switching around cards selling them as error cards?


  1. Went the the card shop you recommended. They were pretty nice even though they were yankee fans.

  2. Another example of this when Alex Gordon card was in 2006 Topps baseball set. It quickly garner big bucks at the time. Now the card is likely 2/3 less than how much being fetch because Gordon been a bust in the league.