Friday, September 2, 2011

Preview: 2011 Topps Supreme Football

Aaron Rodgers Base card
Are you ready for some football? Well… you are going to have to wait until January 2012.

Topps just released some preview shots of the upcoming 2011 Topps Supreme Football set that will be hitting shelves January 9, 2012, just in time for the playoffs to begin.

Each $70 pack (1 pack/box) will contain 5 cards- 2 Base cards, 1 parallel, 1 autograph card and 1 autograph-relic card or relic card.

When you pay $70/pack (OK, not the highest end product but a high end product none-the-less) you would expect to not have sticker autographs or tons of parallels but Topps continues to prove that they pay no attention to the collectors, or marketing groups apparently, and loads up on stickers and tons of parallels. Do we need another product with 5 parallels for each base card (plus printing plates) and at least 2 parallels for each hit?

If it was not for the sticker autographs and parallels this set may actually be decent. It reminds me a bit of Upper Decks Ultimate or Exquisite. There is a nice selection of Hall of Fame players, rookies and stars plus you have the change to pull jumbo patches and multi-autograph booklet cards. This is truly a semi-high risk/semi-high reward type product.

AJ Green Auto-Relic Patch

Julio Jones Jumbo Relic

Rookie QB Quad Relic Patches

Mark Ingram Rookie Autograph

Dan Marino HOF Autograph

Eight-QB Autograph Booklet

Joe Montana Autograph-Relic

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