Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Big Bang Theory Gets Some Love

Cryptozoic Entertainment, a company that you can really describe as an all-around entertainment company who produces games, comic books and trading cards, has just announced an upcoming entertainment card release for the hit television show The Big Bang Theory.

The set is scheduled to be released February 14, 2012 and each 24 pack box will run between $60-80 each. There will be 5 cards per pack and inserts include autographs and wardrobe cards though no pack out information has been announced.

So far the 5 main actors (Cuoco, Galecki, Helberg, Nayyar and Parsons) have been confirmed for the autograph list. I wonder if we will see Mayim Bialik or Melissa Rauch and I would not be surprised to see a Will Wheaton autograph too. I know he has been in only a handful of episodes but Cryptozoic Entertainment is also doing a The Guild card set (If you have not seen any of The Guild webisodes and you are a gamer I suggest you take a look at the show) and Wheaton is on that show too so they could get him in for both cards sets at one time.


  1. Bazinga! This is my favorite show!

  2. My mother actually told me to watch this show. She loves Sheldon. I'm a little more partial to Kaley.

  3. I'm soooo getting a box of these. Already told my LCS (local COMIC shop) to set aside 1 for me!!