Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Guild Autograph Signing Party

Last week I did a write-up about The Big Bang Theory set that Cryptozoic Entertainment is putting out early next year and I brought up that they are also working on a The Guild card set too and to my surprise they just released some updated information about the autograph checklist along with some preview images for The Guild set. I like that to get all of the autographs done at the same time they invited the entire cast of the web show to a party and had them sign all together.

Among the information that has been released so far includes pricing and inserts: 5 card packs will run $3.50 each and there will be autograph and memorabilia cards plus two 9-card chase sets. The set will cover the first 3 seasons of The Guild, Season 5 just finished so expect to see additional sets if this release does well.

One thing that you will notice is that the autograph card design reflects the guilds that their characters are in, or connected to, with most of the main characters being in the Knights of Good with a couple in the Axis of Anarchy. Additionally the main actors have autograph cards as their in-show persona as well as a second card as their character from The Game. For example, Felicia Day has an autograph card of her as Cyd Sherman, her everyday character in the show as well as Codex, her Cleric Priestess character in The Game. I like that Cryptozoic did this, it is a nice way to involve characters who play dual personalities in the web show. I wonder if one will be a short print or if one will be a bigger draw then the other?

One autograph that drew my attention is Wil Wheaton, who plays the Axis of Anarchy guild leader. This gives me hope that he signed for the Big Bang Theory set too.

If you a gamer or even enjoy playing video games The Guild is a wonderful web series, there are now 5 seasons with each season having between 10-12 episodes. Each episode is only 8-10 minutes long so you could easily watch all 5 seasons in one evening.

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