Monday, December 5, 2011

Preview: 2011-12 Fleer Retro Basketball

With the return of the NBA comes a slew of basketball sets and Upper Deck is going the retro way with the release of the 2011-12 Fleer Retro Basketball. The base set (50-card checklist) of this high-end product will appear familiar to many late 90s Fleer sets and the set will also include 33 Rookie Sensations that will use the 1990-91 design.

Each 20-pack box (two 10-pack inner boxes with 5 cards a pack) will run $200 and include 6 autograph cards and 4 inserts. The autographs will be either from the Autographics set (1996-2000 designs) or Fleer Retro Cards set (1961/62, 1986-89 designs) and the inserts will be from one of 15 insert sets:

Precious Metal Gems- Red #/150, Blue #/50 or Green #/10
Fleer 1961/62 1:100 Packs
Fleer 1986/87 1:20 Packs
Fleer 1987/88 1:10 Packs
Fleer 1988/89 1:5 Packs
Golden Touch 1:180 Packs
A Cut Above 1:144 Packs
Noyz Boyz 1:144 Packs
Big Men on Court 1:180 Packs
Competitive Advantage 1:144 Packs
Metal Championship Hardware 1:90 Packs
Intimidation Nation 1:180 Packs
Ultra Court Masters 1:90 Packs
Ultra Stars 1:180 Packs
Flair Showcase #/150

It will definitely bring back memories of the junk wax era for those of us who collected during the 1980s and 90s and it may have done well if the price point wasn’t so high not to mention the players are all depicted in their college or high school uniforms. I am betting that the nostalgic collector will probably stick to buying singles instead of dropping $200 on a box hoping to pull a LeBron or Jordan autograph.

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