Monday, April 23, 2012

Andrew Luck Versus Leaf Trading Cards

On April 13th Andrew Luck’s attorney sent a cease and desist order to Leaf Trading Cards demanding that the company stop selling/producing cards of Andrew Luck from the 2008 Army All-American Bowl.

It seems that Luck’s attorney missed an important detail, Leaf has an exclusive license with SportsLink, the company that produces the Army All-American Bowl, which allows them to use the names, likeness, images and intellectual property of players in the game and this includes alumni players from previous bowls.

Leaf, in return, has filed their own lawsuit against Andrew Luck to assert their rights to continue producing cards of Luck from the All-American Bowl.

Considering that Leaf has the exclusive license to all players in the game I do not see much coming from this besides a declaratory judgment for Leaf allowing them to continue selling the cards. I do not think it will matter much though because in a few days after Luck is selected #1 by the Colts in the NFL Draft people will turn their attention to officially licensed cards of Andrew Luck.

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