Sunday, April 29, 2012

Score One For Leaf

Through the years there have been a number of back door thefts during the printing phase of sports cards and quite often very little information is ever released by the card companies about the cards so collectors do not get a "Heads up" on a counterfeit or stolen card.

Yesterday Brian Gray of Leaf made an announcement regarding stolen 2012 Leaf Metal Andrew Luck Green Prismatic cards. These were the cards that had Luck’s first name misspelled. The initial print run was #/99 but cards #1-10/99 were “lost” by the printers so Leaf only received cards #11-99/99 and once the error was noticed these cards were shredded.

Well, three weeks ago card #5/99 made its way on to eBay where it was sold on April 7th for $405 plus $4.50 shipping. Two weeks later card #8/99 shows up for auction and sells for $408 plus $8.50 shipping. Finally yesterday card #7/99 shows up for auction but has since been ended. All three cards are from the same seller, who happens to live in Carrolton, TX which is where Leaf Trading Cards headquarters is also located. I think it is safe to assume that the seller is either the thief or has a connection to the thief.

The original printers, eBay and the local police department were all notified of the theft and apparently the police will be contacting the people who had already purchased the cards from this seller so they can be returned to Leaf to be shredded.

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  1. Justice prevails! It's hard to believe that people would be dumb enough to post these on eBay. Silly little criminals.