Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upper Deck Mascots Patches

Upper Deck has gone down the manufactured patch road before with varying success, most notably with the Lettermen and Animal Kingdom patches, but with 2012 Upper Deck Football they have included College Mascots patches which will most likely get a better response from collectors.

There are 60 cards in the set featuring mascots from schools around the country and they are inserted at 4 per case. Some are rarer than others and some schools have a SP variant of the base version. I am seriously disappointed that the University of Montana, University of Delaware and the University of Central Florida are all represented and even the USC Trojans horse (Traveler) has his own card but the University of Arizona’s Wilbur the Wildcat does not have a card.

Some of the patches seem to be doing quite well with a few already in the $25-50 range with a couple of days still left on the bidding but most are selling for under $15 each.


  1. Those are patches?? Obviously not threaded by hand, I'd say!

  2. Good gracious. I'm strapped for cash as it is, but I've got to have that Hokiebird. Son of a...