Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cards From The Rookie Premiere

The NFL Players Rookie Premiere is done and now comes the time for Panini and Topps to start pounding out the NFL sets to make sure they hit the shelves on time. Over the last week both card designers have been updating their social networks quite regularly with pictures of the rookies in action as well as the hard signed cards that the players have signed over the three day event.

I have to admit Panini has done a better job with some of their designs. Both the NFL Draft Tickets and Destinations autographs look significantly better than previous years but the autograph set that stands out for me is the Rookie Inscriptions cards. When used properly acetate cards can come out looking sweet, like the Shadowbox cards from Upper Deck.  I love a solid acetate design and the Inscriptions is definitely cool, though I do wonder how the autographs are going to hold up over time.

Some of the players added in personalized messages and there appears to be different colored inks used, I am not sure if there will be different serial numbers or if it is just random. Panini did print out personal editions for the players to take home but Tracy Hackler said that there will be acetate versions inserted in to packs of 2012 Elite Football.

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