Wednesday, May 30, 2012

T.O. Going...Going...Gone?

Is this the end of the road for Terrell Owens?  Yesterday he was cut by the IFL (Indoor Football League) Allen Wranglers, a team that he signed with before the season which included a six-figure salary plus an ownership stake.

He was cut for being T.O., he began by refusing to play in two upcoming road games and then he did not show up for a team appearance at a local children’s hospital add this all to his missing practices and his “me-first” attitude and you can understand why the team stepped away, including revoking the ownership stake. When you get cut from a team that you are a part owner, you know there is a serious problem.

When Owens signed with the team in February he was hoping to use this as a jump off point back in to the NFL, this was following getting no attention from any NFL team since his time with Cincinnati even though his agent Drew Rosenhaus has attempted to turn him in to a one-ring circus with his nationally televised workout, when not one single scout or team official showed up.

He may have a number of records and a notable career, some may even argue a Hall of Fame career, but he has polarized teammates, coaches, owners and fans. He is egotistical and difficult to work with and at 38 years old you have to come to the conclusion that he may be done playing serious professional football at any level. I can see him signing on with some local semi-pro team as a promotional gimmick but I think he can remove any illusions of returning to the NFL.

In the end I do not think this will affect his card prices, his attitude alone has made him a pariah among collectors. You can find some of his better rookie cards, like 1996 SP Premier Prospect and 1996 Finest, for under $10, his jersey/relic cards can be had for a dollar or two with patches around $20 and some decent autographs for another $10-15 each. It is just one of those times where you wish them well and hope they finally accept that they are no longer relevant.

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