Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jon "Bones" Jones In The News

Around 5 AM this morning UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Bones Jones crashed his 2012 Bentley in to a utility pole in Binghamton near his Endicott, NY home. The car was totaled but Jones walked away with a bloody nose from when the air bag deployed. Following the accident Jones was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor DWI, he was then released in to the custody of a family member.

Bones has been the epitome of a champion; previously he has never had a run-in with the law and has been described as an “All around good guy”. What is strange is that last month in an interview with USA Today he said that he did not see himself doing knucklehead things or anything stupid which makes you wonder if he put a jinx on himself with those statements. As this is his first brush with the law it isn’t expected that he would be punished with anything more than a fine and probation.

As far as UFC fighters go, Jones is among the most collectible so you have to wonder if this incident will cause damage to his collectability. As long as things like this do not happen again I don’t see his reputation getting too tarnished and I would expect Dana White will stand by him. He is scheduled to fight at UFC 151 against Dan Henderson in September and as long as he continues to win I think his long term value will remain.

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