Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 SP Signature Edition

Upper Deck’s 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball has now been out for just about 1 week and we finally have had the chance to see what the cards look like. There are roughly 200 auctions and besides a handful of rare and multi-signed autographs nothing even tops $100 each. You even wonder if the high dollar cards will sell for what is being asked. A six-auto 2011 World Champions St Louis #/8 is sitting at $1,299.99 and a six-auto 2007 World Champions Boston Red Sox #/10 is at $599.95 and I honestly do not think that they will even receive offers at half those prices.

This clearly is Upper Deck’s garage sale, and not one of those nice holiday community-run garage sales in a middle-class neighborhood where your wife finds a brand new Coach bag for $20 because some guy got divorced and is dumping all of his ex-wife’s shit but the down town, crappy part of the city where the houses are 80 years old and the front yards used to have grass 20 years ago but is now nothing but dirt and weeds and the family has 8 kids with bad teeth from three different men (including one in jail) and a 2-year-old kid is wandering around on a baby leash attached to a tractor tire while wearing a dirty diaper and grape juice stained baby wife beater type of garage sale.

But, in the end you have to wonder where else can you pay $250 to be kicked in the nuts?

A couple of cards that drew my attention because the prices seem off:
Duke Snider Enshrinement #006/100 -Opening bid $2.99

Yogi Berra Flag Manufactured Patch #1/25 –Currently 7 bids $30.00

Ozzie Smith Enshrinement #22/34 –Currently 5 bids $13.00

Seattle Franchise Focus Triple Autograph (Griffey, Edgar and Olerud) #10/15 –Currently 14 bids $61.00

Enshrinement Seven-Auto #2/2 (Ripken, McCovey, Schmidt, Cepeda, Killebrew, Perez and Murray) – Currently 1 bid$100.00

Sadly, if Upper Deck had a MLB license and was able to include images, logos and team info on the card you have to wonder if the set would have been better received by the collecting community.

I worked with the Edgar Martinez card to play “What if?”. The card is currently sitting with an opening bid of $2.99 with no bids and 2 days left. Not my best mock up but it is a step up over the current card.


  1. Your Martinez is sick! That's a great, great, great photo.

  2. Your card is the best one in the set!