Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Early Preview: 2012 TNA TENacious Wrestling

Over the next two months we are primed to see 3 new wrestling sets hit the shelf. First up is Leaf’s Original Wrestling, a set that I reviewed in early May. This will be followed up by TriStar’s TNA Impact TENacious in Mid-August with Topps’ 2012 WWE Wrestling hitting in September, a set that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. TriStar will offer an early-release of TNA TENacious on August 1st at the National Convention but it will not be available to everyone else until August 15th. Boxes are currently pre-selling at $70 for a 20-pack box with 7-cards per pack.

The set is dedicated to TNA’s decade of wrestling and will extremely limited, roughly 1,800 total boxes. Each box will contain 4 hits, 3 autographs and 1 Celebrity Signature card or a memorabilia card, there will also be 3 short-print cards consisting of a short-print and two numbered parallel cards. The one-per-box short print may include one of the following (among others); a Jeff Hardy “Art” card, a Celebrate Sting card, a TNA Arrivals card or a Hulk Hogan: The Immortal Speaks card.

We will also see Brooke Hogan’s first card and TriStar has decided to spice the set up by using celebrity autographs. Each celebrity included have had some connection with TNA, most appear to have appeared in matches or at PPV events. The list is pretty impressive and some celebs that have been announced: Brian Urlacher, Toby Keith, Chris Rock, Dennis Rodman and Tito Ortiz and each of the celebrity cards will be limited to #/5 or less. The huge downside with the Celebrity Signature cards is that they are cut-signatures, a serious disappointment. You would have thought that between TriStar and TNA they could have caught up to most of these celebs and sat down with them to sign 5 on-card autographs or even 5 stickers.

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