Sunday, July 15, 2012

Upper Deck's National Convention Redemption Program

Upper Deck, similar to Panini, is offering customers with current or outstanding redemptions the option to pick up their card (if it is "In House") or a replacement card during the National Convention. This is actually a program that Upper Deck began offering at the 2012 Sports Cards & Collectibles Expo in Toronto back in May and they have decided to continue with it at the National.

The way that it works:
1. Review your current redemptions by logging into your Upper Deck account
2. Any cards that have a status of “In House” can be selected to be shipped to the National where you can pick them up at Upper Deck’s booth
3. Any cards with a status other than “In House” or “Shipped” can be exchanged for another card
4. Send an email to: with the subject title “2012 NSCC Redemption Program.”
In the body of the email, please cut and paste the code and description of the card you would like fulfilled to be picked up at the National. 

If you are looking to exchange for a card that is unavailable in the body of the email, please cut and past the code and description of the card you would like exchanged. Keeping the message short (preferably less than 30 words) describe the type of replacement you would like to receive. Be specific if possible: Team, region or brand. You can request a specific player but more likely than not, you may not receive that player.
5. Requests must be received in by Monday, July 23

6. Only the redemption holder can pick up the card, you will be required to show ID and you will also need to sign for the redemption
The redemption program will be available August 2-4
Aug 2- 1:00-6:00 PM
Aug 3- 1:00-6:00 PM
Aug 4- 1:00-4:00 PM

Upper Deck’s Expired Redemption Card Raffle

In an interesting addition to their redemption program at the convention, Upper Deck is taking it a step further. To give collectors a treat they will also be offering an expired redemption raffle. Just as it sounds, bring an expired redemption card to the Upper Deck booth before 4:00 PM on August 4th and you will be entered in a special expired redemption card raffle. There will be at least 100 prizes offered during the raffle.

The way that it works:

1.  Bring up to 5 unscratched and expired redemption cards to the Upper Deck booth on August 4th by 4:00 PM

2. The cards can be from any major manufacturer (Topps, Panini or Upper Deck) and the cards must be from the online redemption era and they must be unscratched and unredeemed (I know that sounds like an obvious request but…) I am uncertain of which companies are all included so if you have a question stop by their booth and ask, what is the worst that can happen?

3. Return to the Upper Deck booth by 5:00 PM, you must be present to win

The prizes offered include, but not limited to, autograph cards, memorabilia and unopened product. The prizes do not come from current live product, they are made up of promotional signature cards, items pulled during product reviews, expired quality control replacements and expired redemption inventory.

Here are some sneak peeks at some of what will be included as prizes:

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