Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preview: 2013 Press Pass Total Memorabilia

It is interesting how some companies release certain products like clockwork; In December 2010 Press Pass introduced 2011 Five Star Racing, a seriously high-end product ($500/5 cards). In December 2011 they introduced 2012 Total Memorabilia Racing, a mid to high-end product ($125/5 packs/9 cards per pack/5 hits) that replaced Five Star Racing. Now in December 2012 they have released previews of 2013 Total Memorabilia (@$125/5 packs/9 cards per pack/5 hits).
It seems as though Press Pass is satisfied with how last year’s product went because this year’s release is almost identical in description. The price has not been announced but figure it will be around the same $125/box price. The pack out is the same with 5 packs per box, 9 cards per pack and 1 hit per pack.
Going down the line with the hits, the Rising Stars autographs return, though a very different design, the auto-relic booklets return, with a slightly different design, and Hot Rod Relics is replacing the Total Memorabilia relics. Added to the mix is the Burning Rubber Chase Edition relic, which contains a race used tire relic from a Chase For the Cup race.
Overall I prefer last year’s designs over this year’s designs, the layout on some of the cards just do not grab me like they did last year.

Danica Patrick Booklet

Patrick Booklet Close-up Autograph

Patrick Booklet Close-up Relic

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Booklet
Jr. Booklet Close-up Autograph

Jr. Booklet Close-up Relic

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