Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random Blaster Box: 2013 Bowman Baseball

Last week I picked up a 2013 Bowman Baseball rack pack and I like the design of the cards this year so when I was out with my son Sunday night I decided to pick up a blaster box. Surprisingly I had some sort of a hit in every pack including an auto and blue parallel. I went through various message boards and I have seen some people calling them hot boxes while others have said it is pretty common, either way it was a fun break.

I will begin with the Bowman base set and the Arizona Diamondback players. Adam Eaton is still on the DL but is going through medical tests now and could be back soon, Paul Goldschmidt is having an MVP year so far and Aaron Hill is putting up some very respectable numbers.

I pulled two Mariners; Raul Ibanez is in his third tour with the Mariners and quite possibly his final season. He is 10 years removed from his best seasons and is at his worst right now; he is hitting a miserly .236 with 23 RBIs. Hisashi Iwakuma on the other hand is the #2 pitcher behind Hernandez and is 5-1 with a 2.36 ERA in 72.2 innings pitched.

A couple of rookies, Profar is the #1 prospect right now but unfortunately the Rangers are unsure what to do with him and have him playing out of position at 2nd Base. Maronde is having some trouble in Double-A and is still years away from the majors. Perez is another one who needs a little more time in the minors, he was rocking it in Triple-A but played 5 games with the Nats and ended up with zeros across the board.

A couple of parallels including two Cracked Ice parallels. You pull two Gold parallels out of each pack, as you can see Mardone and Perez (and Profar in the Ice parallel) seemed to be a theme.

On to the Bowman Prospect subset, I begin with a Mariner and two Diamondbacks.

The best player that I pulled from the Prospects list is this guy, Carlos Correa, the 2012 MLB #1 Draft Pick.
With the rack pack you receive three Purple retail parallels. I did pull this Carson Kelly Blue parallel #005/500. I had never heard of this kid so I looked him up, he is playing Single-A ball and is batting .239 in 32 games.

The final subset is the Bowman Chrome checklist; you get two Chrome per pack. A DBack and a duo of Mariners.

I close out with the inserts:
Two Chrome Refractor minis

A 65th Anniversary Top 100 player

Two Hometown Flags, oddly both from the Toronto Blue Jays. Mitch Nay is a local boy and graduated from the high school that my son will be attending in a year.

A Josh Hamilton Rookie Reprint, I have the original 1999 Bowman card too.
I finish with an autograph of Jesse Hahn. Another kid I had to look up, but he seems to be a legitimate prospect for the Rays. He is currently in Single-A but in 84.0 innings he has a 2.04 ERA with 87 strikeouts. The only downside would be that he has started 24 games his is only 2-2 which means he does not last too deep in to the game. He is only making it in to the late 3rd/early 4th inning on average. Either he has to work on his stamina or he may be switched to a middle reliever.

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