Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Martian Invasion Is Imminent

Last year Topps released Mars Attacks Heritage, a 50th Anniversary re-issue of the original 1962 Mars Attacks release. The release did so well that Topps has decided to release an additional set this October. The new set, Mars Attacks: Invasion, will be a completely original release in the pulp-fiction/classic sci-fi story line.
The 100-card set will be divided in to themes with different artists illustrating each theme. Some of the announced illustrators are Earl Norem, Joe Jusko, Ed Repka, Glen Orbik and Gregory Staples. There will be an additional 20 subset cards, the subsets will be Mars Attacks Masterpieces (1:8 packs), Anatomy of a Martin (1:12 packs), Join the Fight (1:6 packs) and Early Encounters (1:12 packs). The Anatomy of a Martin cards sound pretty cool, there are 6 acetate cards on the checklist and when you put them together you get a dissected Martian soldier.
Topps has only released a limited amount of information but expect boxes to run around $85 and contain 24 five-card packs. Each box will contain a sketch card and one additional hit, which can be a medallion relic, patch relic, printing plates or an original 1962 Mars Attacks buyback card. Some sketch cards will be Double Sketch Cards or Loaded Sketch Cards (4 card puzzle) plus additionally there are parallels, Heritage Parallel (1:4 packs), Gold Foil (1:12 packs) Concept Parallels (2 per case) and John the Graffiti Parallel (1 per case).
In a recent announcement, Topps will be including autographs from some of the actors who appeared in the 1996 cult movie Mars Attacks, one of my favorite Tim Burton films. Only a couple of cast members have been announced led by Pam Grier who played Louise Williams. Topps is looking to add more names to the autograph checklist.
Here are some of the completed cards illustrations:

These are near complete illustrations:

These are some illustrations that are in various stages:

There will also be autographs and sketch cards:

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