Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Preview: 2013 Topps Best Of WWE

Scheduled Release Date: 10/2/13
Box Configuration: 24 packs/box, 7 cards/pack
SRP: $45-50
Box Break:
1 Autograph or Mat Relic
1 Swatch Relic
1 Silver Parallel
12 Bronze Parallels
33 Top Ten Inserts
What to Expect:
This set is designed for set builders who love WWE Wrestling, the base set consists of a 110-card checklist and there are 4 parallels for each base card; Bronze (1:2 packs), Silver (1:box), Gold (#/10) and Printing Plates (1/1).
You also will be pulling two hits, one will be either an autograph or mat relic card and the second will be a relic swatch. Some of the swatches are from photo shoots so there may be some interesting relics in the set; Topps has released the image of one of these swatches, a teddy bear relic from a photo shoot with AJ Lee.
A new addition to the insert lineup is the Top 10 inserts. Topps allowed fans to vote for the top 10 in 10 categories, 100 cards total. Categories like Top WWE Champions, Top Trash Talkers and Top Finishers. The Top 10 are also tiered with cards 8-10 on the specific category checklist the easiest, cards 5-7 are more difficult, cards 2-4 harder and card 1 a short print so putting together a complete Top 10 for a certain category will take some effort to find all of the cards.
My Thoughts:
The set is based on various story lines over the last year but I have not watched a wrestling match since late 2012 so I am out of date on what is going on in the WWE world but I do like the design with the black borders and a decent action shot along with the specific date of the storyline on the front of the card. If I was a regular wrestling fan I would be all over this set. When you consider you get 2 hits and 13 parallels for $50 you really get your value from a hobby box.
2 Hits
Cheap Price
Easy Set to Build
Sticker Autographs
This set is a solid wrestling set; it covers the past year’s story lines and will make any wrestling collector happy. It is easily 3 out of 5 because it has a nice design and interesting relics and you cannot complain about the $50 price.



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