Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Recent eBay Pickup

This was a recent eBay pickup; I have been looking for a Marvel Comic Panel card since Upper Deck included them in the 2011 Marvel Beginnings release. Prices for the Marvel panel cards tend to end up in the $30-50 range for generic panels and ones including major characters or important events demand a premium, sometimes even going for hundreds. Being a collector on a budget I have been watching for a Marvel panel card that is in my price range and have missed out on a couple on last minute sniper bids.
Last year Breygent joined the party and began including Comic Panel Cards in some of their products as well as in packs created for the San Diego Comic Con. Books that they have used comic panels from are Dead World comics, Red Sonja, Vampirella, Warlord of Mars and most recently, Transformers.
These cards are all 1/1 and contain a scene panel cut out of a classic comic book attached to the card and framed similar to Upper Deck’s old Masterpiece inserts.
I don’t read Dead World but when I came across this premium panel from the front page of a Realm of the Dead comic book for $10 I jumped on it.
How much cooler can a comic panel get?

Three Zombies…check

Punk Rocker Zombie…check

Frank Sinatra (looking) Zombie with disembodied head… check

A Topless Zombie Chick…check

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