Monday, October 7, 2013

Cryptozoic's Fans First Policy

I am a little behind the time on this one but two weeks ago Cryptozoic Entertainment released some policy revisions that have been taken very well by collectors. Cryptozoic makes comic and entertainment cards but I am certain that most sports card collectors would stand up and cheer to hear similar policy changes from Topps, Panini and Upper Deck.
The changes, which they are calling the “Fans First” philosophy:
- Increase the thickness of the cards, this will make the cards more durable and will keep the wardrobe cards from bubbling out. Depending on how thick the cards are made it could also make it more difficult for pack searchers.

-All autographs will be on-card, they will not use sticker autographs.

-The biggie though is not using redemption cards except in the case of an item that will not fit in a pack and never in a case where they do not have the card. When they announce new sets they will only include signers on the checklist that they already have on contract and the cards in hand, ready to sign and pack out.
I love this idea, gone are the sticker autographs and redemption cards. I could even live with some stickers if it meant that every autograph card got inserted in to packs. How often have we seen an athlete included on a checklist but redemptions were packed out because they had not even signed yet? Logic would suggest removing that player's name off of the upcoming releases instead of just adding more redemption cards.

Well done Cryptozoic!

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  1. Kudos for them inserting only hard signed cards... huge step in the right direction.