Monday, October 28, 2013

What Should I Do Puig?

Last week I ended up bidding on a Yasiel Puig Leaf Matrix Blue Refractor card, it was posted with a starting bid at 99 cents and I tossed up a bid of $3.78 and figured it would sell for well over that considering that there were copies sitting at prices ranging from $20 to $50 and some had bids. As the time wound down I was bid up a bit and was waiting for the “You have been outbid” message to show up on my screen, but it never showed up. At the close of the auction my winning bid was $3.64, toss in another $3 shipping and the card was mine.
I am a fan of many of Leaf’s products and I really dig the Matrix cards, I guess I jumped on this one because it was so cheap and I can’t argue against grabbing up a Puig Matrix card.
My question now is should I crack it out of the case?
I do not plan on displaying the card, I would rather store the card in my baseball binder and I am not big on grading modern cards. Maybe if it was a 10 and I planned on selling it I would not question leaving it graded but that is not the case, this card was graded lower due to an 8 subgrade on the corners. The top left corner on the back of the card has a small ding (about 1/3 cm) probably done before the card was even packed out.
If I do crack the case, what is the best way to go about it? I have never removed a card that was encased before.

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