Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shadowbox Mania

I have been looking to pick up a Shadowbox card since they first hit the scene a couple of years ago. Using multiple layers, Upper Deck came up with a new level for cards which has since been duplicated by Topps and Panini. We have even seen Rittenhouse use the technology with their James Bond and Star Trek licenses. Over time we have seen some additions like autographs, jersey swatches and inserts and rivets so you can change the look of your card.

 I have watched a handful of cards, usually ending with a price higher than I was willing to play. Because I was looking for specific players I also found myself playing the waiting game. Earlier this year one of those cards I was waiting for, Gale Sayers, showed up and I lost out on a last minute bid. I was actually considering just grabbing up any player who was up for auction but didn’t want to drop money on a card that I was not interested in adding to my collection just to satisfy an urge. I am glad I waited because this one showed up and when the auction ended I paid 50 cents less than the Sayers card went for earlier this year.
These are the type of cards that you need to have in your hand to appreciate. I just picked up a couple of Rittenhouse shadowbox cards, Daniel Craig James Bond Shadowbox card and James Doohan Star Trek Shadowbox card, to add to the collection.

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