Friday, May 9, 2014

Now What Johnny?

Now that the big question of where Johnny Football would end up we ask the question of can a Cleveland Browns player draw in the casual collector to pay the money that Manziel cards are already demanding? His Leaf Cleveland predictor card and Upper Deck autographs are sitting in the $200+ range, not that we are seeing a lot of action on them the cards are still being priced that high.
I am not ripping on Browns collectors, it just seems like players who should be collectible seem to disappear once they put on the uniform. Trent Richardson, Brady Quinn, Kellen Winslow and even going back to the return of the Browns in 1999 with Tim Couch.
Time will tell. Personally I would like to see this kid start the first game so he can show what he can do, there is no way he could do any worse than Tyler Thigpen, Alex Tanney or Vince Young. Using the 2014 Topps Football card design I put together what Manziel's first licensed card may look like.


For a little humor, I came across this picture of a mannequin wearing a Browns QB jersey. This is a list of all of the QBs that have been under center since the 1999 Browns expansion team.

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