Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Steeeeeve Kerrrrrr!

I am a die-hard Steve Kerr fan, he is one of my personal player collections. I have been watching him since his University of Arizona days in the mid-1980s. He may not have had a Hall of Fame career but his playing days have been filled with challenges and achievements; the 1986 FIBA World Championship Gold medal, led the Wildcats to the 1988 Final Four, 1997 NBA Three-Point Shootout Champion, 5 Time NBA Champion (1996-99 and 2003 w/ Bulls and Spurs) and he has the highest three-point shooting percentage for a season (94-95 season) and career. His time as President and GM of the Suns were filled with rebuilding of the team and an run at the Western Conference Finals.
When rumor began that Phil Jackson wanted Kerr as the Knicks coach I was distraught, I am not a Knicks fan but once the Warriors got tossed in the rumor mill I perked up. I have always felt that Kerr would make a good coach, he has that demeanor and basketball intelligence to lead a team. Will he be successful? I don’t know, the Western Conference is tough but the Warriors are young and Curry is a great catalyst.
In honor of Kerr taking over for Mark Jackson (that was a surprising firing) I am going to post my favorite Steve Kerr trifecta. The first card is actually a pre-rookie from the 1987-88 University of Arizona Tucson Police Department set that my dad got for me when I was 16 years old. The 1997-98 Autographics design is one of my favorites. Selecting a relic from my collection was difficult but with this being a multi-colored relic it wins out.

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  1. Certainly as a Chicagoan I'm a Kerr fan. But aside from that I can't help liking him as a person. I used to work at a bookstore about a mile or so from the Bulls training facility, north of Chicago. During the season I saw Steve several times with his little boy just spending time with him in the kids section.