Saturday, January 17, 2015

Corky's 2014-15 NFL Playoff Predictions Conference Round

The Conference Championship games are this weekend, with two games on Sunday. By 10 PM Sunday night we will be down to two teams ready to battle for the Super Bowl title in two weeks here in Phoenix.
I will follow the same process as last week where I will make my personal predictions, which will be bolded, and my collectible predictions, which will be italicized. I will focus mainly on the skilled position players and try to display a variety of player’s rookie cards. I will also try to cover different players for teams that played last week.

 First is last week’s predictions and results:

Game 1:
Personal prediction Patriots (1-0)
Collectible prediction: Patriots (1-0)
Betting odds: Patriots favored by 7 points with an O/U 47.5
The Patriots won over the Ravens 35-31

Game 2:
Personal prediction: Seahawks (2-0)
Collectible prediction: Seahawks (2-0)
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 11 with an O/U 39.5
The Seahawks won over the Panthers 31-17

Game 3:
Personal prediction: Packers (3-0)
Collectible prediction: Packers (3-0)
Betting odds: Packers favored by 6 points with an O/U of 52.5
The Packers won over the Cowboys 26-21

Game 4:
Personal prediction: Colts (4-0)
Collectible prediction: Broncos (3-1)
Betting odds: Broncos favored by 7 points with an O/U of 54
The Colts won over the Broncos 24-13

Now let’s move on to the Conference Round

Game 1:
Green Bay Packers at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 7.5 points with an O/U 46.5

Aaron Rodgers QB
Randall Cobb WR

Clay Matthews LB

Russell Wilson QB
Doug Baldwin WR
Kam Chancellor DB

I am trying to remain as fair as possible here but for my prediction I did select the team that I felt is better for the reason that the Packers are a passing team and the Legion of Boom has been shut down again this year (well… mostly) and are ranked #1 Total Defense, #1 Passing Defense and #3 Run Defense.

As for collectability things are very close. Both teams QBs are among fan favorites but I think that Aaron Wroggers  (If you haven’t seen the new State Farm commercial it is hilarious) has the edge over Wilson in collectability. With RB I think Lynch is more collectible than Cobb. Jordy Nelson is more collectible than any of the Seahawks receivers but as a team I think that the Seahawks defense is significantly more collectible than the Packers defense.
Based on the Hawks defense I am leaning towards the Seahawks as the collectible winner but in all fairness this was an almost even comparison with Seattle only taking the win based on Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas and Maxwell.

WINNER: Seattle Seahawks


Game 2
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS at New England Patriots
Betting odds: Patriots favored by 6.5 points with an O/U 54

Andrew Luck QB

Dan Herron RB

Hakeem Nicks WR

Tom Brady QB

Shane Vereen RB

Julian Edelman WR

This is another close one and I know that my selection is not the popular one, but for my personal prediction I selected the Colts for the same reason I picked the Colts over the Broncos. I think that Brady is beginning to lose a step and every hit adds up especially when you consider he has been sacked 7 times in the last three games alone.
For collectability it is close too. Brady is extremely collectible and does not have a ton of autographs out there so his prices often top $1,000 and up while Luck has a ton of autographs but even with triple the amount of autos available his prices are just as high. Imagine if his were limited, the prices would be sky high so the edge goes to the young guy. Rob Gronkowski is significantly more collectible than any of the Colts receivers, almost combined, so a huge swing to the Patriots. The Colts lose points on RB because their most collectible running back isn’t even their starting runner and was benched last week over a player signed off of the streets (Michael Hill). Patriots RB Vereen is slightly more collectible than Colts RB Herron so in a battle of running backs the Patriots take collectability win.

WINNER: New England Patriots

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