Friday, January 9, 2015

Corky's 2014-15 NFL Playoff Predictions Divisional Round

It is time for the second round of the 2014-15 NFL Playoffs with four games this weekend. Two on Saturday and two on Sunday.
I will follow the same process as last week where I will make my personal predictions, which will be bolded, and my collectible predictions, which will be italicized. I will focus mainly on the skilled position players and try to display a variety of player’s rookie cards. I will also try to cover different players for teams that played last week.

First is last week’s predictions and results:

Game 1:
Personal prediction Panthers (1-0)
Collectible prediction: Panthers (1-0)
Betting odds: Panthers favored by 5.5 points with an O/U 37.5
The Panthers won over Cardinals 27-16

Game 2:
Personal prediction: Steelers (1-1)
Collectible prediction: Steelers (1-1)
Betting odds: Steelers favored by 3 with an O/U 46
The Ravens won over the Steelers 30-17
Game 3:
Personal prediction: Colts (2-1)
Collectible prediction: Colts (2-1)
Betting odds: Colts favored by 3.5 points with an O/U of 48.5
The Colts won over Bengals 26-10

Game 4:
Personal prediction: Cowboys (3-1)
Collectible prediction: Cowboys (3-1)
Betting odds: Cowboys favored by 6.5 points with an O/U of 48
The Cowboys (and refs) won over the Lions 24-20

Now let’s move on to the Divisional Round


Game 1:
Baltimore Ravens at NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS
Betting odds: Patriots favored by 7 points with an O/U 47.5

Joe Flacco QB
Steve Smith WR
Haloti Ngata DT
New England:
Tom Brady QB
Rob Gronkowski TE
Darelle Revis CB
As much as my wife wants the Ravens to win I think their march through the playoffs is done. When New England is hitting on all cylinders they are difficult to beat. People may try to point out the 17-16 win over the Jets in Week 16 and 17-9 loss to the Bills in Week 17 but remember they had already secured the #1 position in the AFC and pretty much played sandlot ball for the last two weeks to rest their main players.
Collectibilty-wise they also take control of the football binders, Brady over Flacco any day and with Gronk as his backup the collectors will flock to the Patriots without even giving the Ravens a second look.

WINNER: New England Patriots

Game 2
Carolina Panthers at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 11 points with an O/U 39.5
Cam Newton QB
 Jonathan Stewart RB

Greg Olsen TE

Russell Wilson QB
Marshawn Lynch RB
Richard Sherman DB
The Seahawks beat the Panthers 13-9 in Week 8 but this was during their downward spiral, something they corrected before going 8-1 over the rest of the season. This game, in Seattle, should be better result for the Seahawks.
As much as collectors love Cam Newton when he plays well the love for Russell Wilson is that much greater. Now add Lynch (Yeah…) and Sherman (at least his mouth) and the Seahawks collectability is out of this world.

WINNER: Seattle Seahawks

Game 3:
Dallas Cowboys at GREEN BAY PACKERS
Betting odds: Packers favored by 6 points with an O/U of 52.5

Tony Romo QB

Dez Bryant WR

DeMarco Murray RB

Green Bay:
Aaron Rodgers QB
Jordy Nelson WR
Eddie Lacy RB

I will not address the picked up flag that essentially turned the game in to the Cowboys favor last week. As long as Aaron Rodgers injured calf muscle can hold out the Packers should be in control of this game in Green Bay.

With collectors the Packers are loaded with players who are just loveable; Rodgers, Nelson, Matthews and Hawk, you just want to own their cards even if you don’t collect Packers cards whereas the Cowboys, who do have collectible players, are the opposite on the likeability scale.
WINNER: Green Bay Packers
Game 4:
Betting odds: Broncos favored by 7 points with an O/U of 54
Andrew Luck QB
Coby Fleener WR
Adam Vinatieri K

Peyton Manning QB
Demaryius Thomas WR
Wes Welker WR
I will say this up front, I am picking the Colts as my upset pick for the week. I think that Manning, who is one of my favorite players, is starting to show his age. The hits are beginning to really add up and the cold weather isn’t helping. As much as I would love to see Manning win another Super Bowl I don’t see it happening.

The collectability here is a toss-up, we are looking at one of the greatest QBs ever going up against the guy who replaced him in Indy. Both rosters are loaded with solid players who have their own merit but in the end for the collectible prediction I am going with Denver to win based on collectability on Manning alone.

WINNER: Denver Manning

See you next Friday with an update heading in to the next round.

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