Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Awesomeness Of Sketch Cards

There are cool sketch cards and then there are amazingly awesome sketch cards. I came across some Jeff Chandler sketch cards from the 2015 Star Wars Masterwork release that put all other sketch cards to shame. Currently there are three of Chandler’s Masterwork sketch cards up for auction, the cheapest is at $113 after 10 bids, and I think any Star Wars fan would be willing to take on a Wampa to own one of these cards.
What I love about these cards is the comic book styling that he uses, the style separates his cards from other sketch cards in the set. Along with his various work with Topps he also has cards in Breygent and Rittenhouse sets.


  1. Those Jeff Chandler sketches are awesome, but the prices on them are well outside my budget. I bid on that one up top in the early going, but it closed at $280 + shipping.

  2. Man... these are very, very cool.