Friday, October 9, 2015

COMC Pickups

Yesterday I posted about a Ryan Bader parallel card that I have been tracking when I was pointed to COMC. I picked up that card along with a nice collection of other PC cards for my Bader and Buhner collections, plus other Griffey cards but I will cover those later.

Jay Buhner:
1989 Topps The Rookies.

1989 Score
1991 Topps Desert Shield
1992 Upper Deck Denny’s Grand Slam

1993 Finest


Ryan Bader
2011 Moment Of Truth

2011 Moment Of Truth Independence Edition
2011 Title Shot

My favorite two cards are the 1991 Topps Desert Shield Jay Buhner that goes with my Griffey Desert Shield card and the 2011 Topps UFC Moment Of Truth Independence Edition. The Independence Edition cards were in packs released for the 2011 UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas.

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