Thursday, October 1, 2015

Would You Could You?

Just a random question today.

Have you ever considered selling off a player collection to start collecting a different player? How about selling off your entire collection?
I have a little over 500 Ken Griffey Jr. cards and I am sure if I was to sell them off (not that I am planning to sell them) I could most likely purchase every Jay Buhner card available and still have money left over to work on my Steve Largent collection.

This image came from Google images, it is not my stack of Griffey cards. My OCD would never allow me to drop the cards in a haphazard way even for a photo op.


  1. On more than one occasion, when I drifted away from collecting, I sold off "important" parts of my collection. I've learned after those two times that I'll regret that decision if I do it again.

    What I have been okay with dumping is something that I've put away in storage for several years and then re-evaluated its worth. Some things stay, but others I've been happy to get rid of.

  2. For me NO. I am primarily a "set" collector, even though I need to complete like 90% of the sets I'm trying to build. I don't think I could sell off my collection completely, unless I contract some terminal illness and then I'd wait until I was almost at the end. As for player collections that is also a NO. The players I Player PC collect are usually players from one of my fave teams. I don't do the (what seems to be very popular thing to do) collect a player just because they are a superstar and has HOF first ballot potential and their cards would become "valuable". If I grew tired of a particular player that I collect that has never been on one of my fave teams I might consider selling those, but my Homie teams NO. (Unless I go completely insane and dislike my fave homie teams)

  3. I have a lot of stuff I would part with, but not my Griffeys. Not most of my PC's, in fact. The non-card stuff I'm not as married to. The same is true for my many sets and any fancy inserts of non-PC stars (even if I like them) I've amassed.

    I found a 1992 Donruss Elite Frank Thomas in a $1 box a few weeks ago and put it on eBay the same day. Sold for almost $50. That's Griffey money right there.

  4. I'm too much of a pack rat to sell anything off, I think.

  5. I've never considered selling off my entire collection, but I'm currently trying to figure out where I want to go with my collection. And in some scenarios... that involves me downsizing my collection a lot.