Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Back To The Future Day

It was 26 years ago during Back To The Future II that Michael J Fox, as Marty McFly, took an adventure that would predict the future. The date October 21, 2015, based on the time period of the movie (10/26/85) it was a leap of 30 years in to the future for young Marty.

 The movie predicted some things that are relevant now and some that are still years away. Video conferencing: Yes, flat screen televisions: Yes, tablets: Yes, hands free video games: Yes, kids sitting around the dinner table engulfed in electronic devices and ignoring their parents: Yes, 3D movies: Yes and a baseball team in Florida: Yes

Some of the things that did not make it, at least not as predicted, besides the horrible fashion? Fax machines as a way of communication: No, the fax machine, while still used, is a dinosaur in the age of the internet, the Cubs winning the World Series: Maybe, and Jaws 19: No all though there are plenty of sequels and Universal Pictures got in on the fun and created a Jaws 19 trailer

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  1. Unfortunately the dang Mets swept the Cubs so no WS for da Cubbies.