Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards VI

Today I decided to go with a bit of mystery. The card is from the 2000 Just 2K Mystery Gamers. These cards from Just 2K were a bit of an oddity, relics cards like this one were inserted in to packs but you didn't know who they were from until you read the hints on the back. This one was pretty easy to figure out... Gee the #1 pick in the 1987 MLB Draft out of Moeller High School and playing for the Mariners? Eazy peezy but there were a couple that you had to do some real research in to figuring out who was the player.

Even though it is listed as a "Mystery", Just 2K did state that the card was used by the Griffey in a game during the 1989 season, making it more credible than the "Guarantee" included on relic cards today.