Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Autographs To End All Autographs

Being a player collector is very special, there are things that you are willing to purchase that other collectors would look at and completely ignore. In my Griffey collection I have cereal boxes, figures, magazines and a lunch box, these are things non player collectors would most likely never ever add to their collection.

When it comes to collecting your player their items stand above all else on the hierarchy of purchases, that is why only a Ken Griffey Jr. collector would understand why we would prefer to have this version
Over this version
Of course this one would just satisfy everyone
In my eyes this 1994 Upper Deck dual autograph card is the pinnacle of all autographs, great simple design of two of the greatest players of the modern age, and I don't have any of them so I am jealous of the owners of any of these three cards. The Griffey version will be on my White Whales Want list soon, I am hoping to get one for Christmas.


  1. Agree. These cards are amazing. I don't even have these on my wantlist, since I know I'll never be able to afford them.

  2. Yeah, the dual auto is definitely a dream card for me. Maybe I could justify it someday, like celebrating a big promotion at work or something.