Monday, June 20, 2016

A Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards X

Today is a quadruple post, it marks my first week in my new home and life is slowly beginning to return back to normal but next week will be another week I am relatively unavailable so the Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards will continue until the end of June.

Today’s cards are from the 2016 Leaf Greatest Moments. I picked up the base silver chrome along with the Blue Chrome #/25, the Purple Chrome #/15 and the Pink Chrome #/10. There are three more cards in the rainbow that I am still on the look out for and they will soon make an appearance on my Most Wanted List, they are Black Chrome #/7, Green Chrome #/5 and Red Chrome #/3.


  1. OH man those are beauties!! I haven't seen those either or own one.

    1. I saw a post on Beckett's blog about the set and I checked the checklist for Griffey and was very excited to see him on the list.

  2. Agree with Sport Card Collectors... these are really beautiful. Best of luck on completing the rainbow. It's gonna look sweet! Oh and congratulations on your move into your new home.