Thursday, November 2, 2017

So You Don't Have To Follow Up

I completed the month of October without making any card purchases and I kept a list of the cards that I would have bought/bid on had it been a normal month. This year I have been on a tight budget, so I based this experiment on how I would have shopped in 2016 when I was not on a similar budget. 

The only card that I considered breaking the rules for the month and actually bidding on was the 2012 Topps Under Armour Trey Griffey autograph but I would have topped no more than $15 and the price on the card went up so fast I didn't even bid.

Here is the list of cards that would have been in my collection and the cards final costs. The only card that really hurt was the 1996-97 Allen Iverson rookie, I have wanted one for years and that price was a steal.

10/1- 1996-97 Topps Chrome Allen Iverson #171 BGS 8.5 $17.66
10/5- American Horror Story Set of 4 Optispex $39.99
10/7- 1987 Rosem Night of the Living Dead 50 Card Set $7.95
10/12- 1988 Donruss book (hand cut) NY Yankees Jay Buhner $7.95
10/15- 2015 NECA Marvel Rocket Raccoon Hubsnaps $0.99
10/20- Ben Simmons lot $2.29

I ended up saving $76.83, not counting shipping, by not purchasing any cards. 


  1. My card budget has gone completely toward my Vogelbach collection this year and I have sworn off buying Cubs cards, except those that qualify for my World Series binder. I haven't browsed for any Cubs cards the whole year. I don't feel the temptation as long as I don't know what's out there. There's no way I could make the month without a Cubs related purchase if I knew what I was missing out on.
    Your will power must be tremendous!

  2. I like that AI as well. Need a duncan one

  3. Cool idea for a post. I've cut back a lot myself and passed up on a lot of cards I normally would have bid on in October.