Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday Question Day- Collecting In Cycles?

Do you ever collect your PC players in a cycle?

I work on a player or two at a time. For example, I will work on picking up Jay Buhner cards and when I whittled down my Buhner wants I will move on to Allen Iverson and then on to another player and so on.


  1. I guess I'm kind of a cycle when I think about. When I got back into the hobby I was all Kerry Wood all the time. Then I knocked out all the low end Karl Olson cards (1950s utilty outfielder) and then Vogelbach became my focus. Ryne Sandberg has been my one constant, but I still add to the others when I can, although not in large volume.

  2. Yeah... to an extent. I'll get on a kick and roll with it. Haven't really been searching for anyone in particular the past month or so. But before that, I was on the hunt for Barry Bonds autographs.