Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Art Gallery- 2015 Upper Deck Marvel Fleer Retro Rocket Racoon

This month’s Art Gallery is from J.D. Hill, also known as James Hill, and is Rocket Raccoon, one of my mini PCs. Hill has done quite a bit of work for Upper Deck and Breygent and his style is very reminiscent of the typical comic book art and that is what I love about this card. This card came from the 2015 Upper Deck Marvel Fleer Retro release.

I very rarely read comic books growing up and when I did they were usually Star Wars books so when it comes to Rocket Raccoon I was a late bloomer and my interest is based on the movie character. I love the character in the Guardian of the Galaxy movies, voiced by Bradley Cooper, because he is a little bad ass bastard who only cares about himself and his partner in crime Groot.


  1. When Guardians of the Galaxy first came out, I was wondering what the deal was with a raccoon with a gun. Now that I've seen both movies... I can't help but love the character. Awesome sketch card.

  2. Rocket is okay, but I love me some Groot.

  3. Sweet sketch! Fleer Retro Marvel is one of the coolest sets of all-time. Still gotta get me a Rocket to go with my Groot.