Wednesday, July 11, 2018

So You Don't Have To Experiment- Restoring A Sketch Card

 Last night I played Devil’s Advocate and so you don’t have to, I retouched a damaged sketch card. The card is one of my favorite Star Wars characters Salacious Crumb, I really like a lot of the alien creatures in the series, and it was drawn by the artist Amy Pronovost.

I chose this card to retouch for two reasons, a character I like, and it was damaged. I saw a similar card last year and that is what got me thinking about doing this from my So You Don’t Have To serial. Obviously, some sort of roller went across the surface, I am guessing during sorting or pack out since it is almost the same type of smudging I saw on the other card so it has happened more than once. 

So you don’t have to, I went through and attempted to clean up the damage and reline where possible. I did not add or remove any lines, I followed (as best as possible) Amy’s original line work and only wanted to make it presentable again. In my eyes, the card has been altered (by machinery and me) and I will not let this card leave my collection. 

I will not be restoring any of Vincent van Gogh's paintings soon but the finalized card, below, is presentable as the original artist intended it to be. More work could be done on minute details, like the text at the top, but I was beginning to remove some of the original background color on the card so I stopped. 


  1. Wow, nice work! It looks much improved!

  2. Solid job. I think you should add your initials now :)

  3. Yeah, looks good.

    You gotta wonder how often somebody fixes up a card like that and sells it without mentioning it. Not a HUGE deal, but obviously most buyers would much prefer an unaltered card.

  4. I think that you might have just found a new profession!