Thursday, March 12, 2015

GPK Goes Baseball... Sorta


With Garbage Pail Kids hitting its 30th anniversary Topps is paying tribute to where it all started with the 1985 design and a touch of baseball when the next GPK release next week. Along with the standard Garbage Pail Kids cards, stickers, sketch cards and printing plates there will be a couple of baseball related cards.

The cards include the 1952 Topps Baseball design, the 1985 Topps GPK design, All-Stars, Mascots and manufactured patches. I do not normally like manufactured patches but when it comes to comic card products like this (Archer, Epic Battles, Women of Legend and Adventure Time) I actually like them because it provides some tangible from a cartoon.

I don’t expect to chase these cards but if I have the opportunity to pick a Logo Patch for a reasonable price or in a trade I would be happy to include it in my collection. I think it would be cool if Topps created GPK versions of some of the players from the 1952 & 1985 sets. I think seeing a GPK version of Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays or Roy Campanella in the ’52 design or Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens in the ’85 design would be awesome.

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