Thursday, March 19, 2015

Not A Good Start For 2015 Topps Tribute Baseball

I have had a busy past couple of weeks, fortunately I have had a number of posts pre-written so I was able to keep up on the blog but I have had my mind on so many thing I have barely been able to keep up with reading blogs let alone hobby news and I almost missed one of the biggest blunders with Topps release of 2015 Topps Tribute.

 When autographs come out of a high end product, $250-300/box, scratched, smudged, bubbling and streaked collectors have a reason to be angry. I think what has added fuel to the fire is Topps lack of response, finally making a statement this morning in the form of   We are aware of the issues with 2015 Topps Tribute Baseball. A statement is forthcoming.” On their Twitter and Facebook page with a follow up about an hour ago saying  There will likely be an announcement tomorrow

 There have been a couple of suggestions as to why collectors think that the problem happened ranging from the ink/pens used to the type of coating on the card. I don’t know if the reason for the problem will be announced but I am wondering how Topps plans on righting the situation.

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